Career in Social Work


 Social work is different from other services found in the industry. Many times we come through this word Social work and many of us want to make a career in the field but first let us understand what does social work means and career into it. It does not involve a strict 9 to 5 job when you are in Social work. The work largely depends on the type of the project.


Social work is a development kind of work where people come together for a common cause or to solve problems. Some of the cases like fighting for human rights, women empowerment are examples of Social work. A group of people or a community is formed to help and enable the rights of the people of the state, city, community or nation. People in social work aim to bring some effective changes for the welfare of humanity.

Social work is basically a professional and in a way academic discipline that works selflessly to improve the quality of life and well-being of an individual, group, community or society. Utilising the theories of human behavior and social systems, Social work interacts with the point of contact of people and their environment. Moreover, the field is not restricted to any location or person in specific. A social worker can intervene wherever he/she feels that there is a need to handle the issue.

History and Origin of Social Work-

The idea of social work evolves from the concept of charity which is age old. In ancient times social service was seen in form of people volunteering for the service to mankind. Social work and charity had no huge difference. With the moving time, social problems have become more complex which demands professional skills to solve them and bring a change to the society. Here is where the need for making career in social work comes into play. Not only this, presently social issues require individuals who can give a critical and holistic approach.

Areas of Emphasis for a Social Worker-

  • Human development
  • Social policy
  • Public administration
  • Community development
  • Program Evaluation 

Areas to Work –

As said earlier social workers are not restricted to limited location or state. There associations can be several and may also be international. Some social workers work together for a common issue faced by the people globally, by giving them ethical guidance. The main associations internationally are International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW).

Community Development

Social workers who are interested in improving the lives of others are into community development. The major focus is on the development of both rural and urban areas. Hence, they have to work in various settings. The work of promoting awareness of the rights of the citizen and other government projects are included in this. Regardless to the profession anyone can participate in the kind of work.

Healthcare and medicine-

The kind of social work is run in clinical setting like several charitable trusts who aim to provide free or affordable treatment to everyone. Social work comprises of undertaking rallies and spreading awareness for life threatening diseases.

Family and Child Welfare

UNICEF (United Nation Child Emergency Fund) that works in area of child development is constantly working around the globe to eradicate life threatening diseases

Service at the time of Crisis

In case of tragedies and disasters, various social organisations are there to help and rescue operations. Social workers in this set up and volunteer for relief camps.


Working as a Professional Social worker

The social service is comprised of individuals who want to bring change in the society and who believes in themselves. A social worker should have leadership qualities and should be passionate about his/her work. The qualities should be balanced with qualities of compassion and optimism. The duties of social worker are manifold as they hold an important place in people’s life.

There are many different roles in this field which require a range of professional and personal skills. 


The education of Social worker begins with Bachelor’s degree (BA,BSc,BSSW,BSW,etc) or diploma in Social work. Sometime it is also expected for the candidate to have masters such as MSW,MSS, MS,MPhil etc.

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